noun   |   mo·ment   |   \ˈmō-mənt\

a brief period of time deemed meaningful by the person experiencing it.

Find your moments.

Oi, what are you pointing at? For relaxing times, make it Catalina time
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Clipper was designed for the good life connoisseurs. Exploration-hungry globetrotters in constant search of the next fine pleasure. The name is shared with the most icons seaplane of all times - the Boeing 314 Clipper.
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Catalina's design is inspired by the flight instruments of airplanes and has got its name from the American WW2 flying boat PBY Catalina. A style statement as strong as the bamboo it's made of.
Love is blue. And so am I. Come on, click me
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Bambu Blue launched with the 3rd iteration of the Bambu model. With its distinct splash of cobalt blue it's colourful yet subtle enough for most occasions. It's well suited for ambassadors of style.
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Bambu Black is one of the original Gloriousdays watches. Updated and improved, it is still one of the best selling models. Bambu Black's timeless design works well both dressed up and down.
I would look great on your wrist Ha ha that tickles!
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Bambu White has been part of Gloriousdays since the beginning. Its unique, summery vibes stay popular year after year. Bambu White will tell you what time it is on the beach as well as in the hotel bar.
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Bambijou is the smaller sibling of Bambu. It's the go-to accessory for sun-kissed wrists on lads as well as on lassies. Bambijou will not only tell you the time - it will tell you you're awesome.

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